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The Exquisite Arts Studio allows you to explore a variety of art topics, from drawing and painting to lettering and fine art. Whether you're looking for art classes for beginners or an experienced artist, online classes in sketching and doodling and design, collage and color, all taught by talented artists and professionals, can help you take your skills to the next level. There will be opportunities to learn new techniques and use new tools. Work with pencils or paints, inks, or watercolors, and you can get hands-on experience by completing and sharing your own art projects.

Drawing is not a skill. It's a skill that anyone can learn. Designed for aspiring painters, designers, illustrators, and artists of all types, the courses offered by Exquisite Arts Studio will teach you the foundation of art and design of all kinds.

Here’s how it works:

Each day, you will be taught an essential drawing skill. At the end of each lesson, you'll be given a project to help you quickly and efficiently improve your drawing skills. After completing the project, you will be prepared for the next day's lesson and project!

In this beginning drawing course, you’ll learn:

·        How to Draw Like an Artist with a Pencil

·        How to draw any shape

·        How to analyze and draw any subject by doing it in a basic manner

If you've got some drawing experience or you’re a beginner, make sure you purchase the courses. The Exquisite Arts Studio courses are designed to meet your specific needs as an artist!

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